Write PHP and build apps for 2.6 billion devices.

KikApp is a framework that allows the creation of mobile applications on platforms Including Android & iOS.

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What is Kikapp?

Kikapp is a framework to develop native mobile apps based on PHP. This tool interprets the language, translates the code and exports it to the market’s most popular platforms.

Who can use it?

Any developer who is interested in making apps in the most commonly used language for web development.

KikApp Features

Our framework offers all you need to create native mobile apps—all from a single PHP code base.

Fully Native

Cross-platform mobile app development, with no hybrid compromises.

Write in PHP, run native everywhere

Based on a simple and powerful language that you already know.


Apps Better, Faster

There is no need to learn new languages, like Java or Objective C to create your apps.

KikApp - Android & iOS Apps built with PHP
KikApp - Cross-platform development environment - Command line (CLI) & Eclipse plugin

KikApp Development Tools

Cross-platform development environment

You can choose between command line tool and Eclipse-based plugin, publishing apps has never been simpler.

Eclipse-based Plugin

That provides a simple environment to rapidly build, run, and publish mobile apps across multiple devices and OSs.

Command Line Tools (CLI)

CLI is a set of command line tools that provides many capabilities such as, create, analyze and run apps

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