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Using our tool, PHP developers can go from the web world to the mobile world, with no effort. KikApp not only lets you deliver apps faster, but also gives you the insight to create better mobile experiences.

Apps Better, faster.

Why PHP?

PHP is among the most popular language for corporate web development today, called “Internet English” by VentureBeat. It is the most frequent choice for the back end of cloud applications; in recent research four out of five decision makers using PHP confirmed that it lets their teams develop faster compared to other languages, and that PHP provides the easiest choice for the development of cloud apps. Source: Zend

Value of native Apps

A native app has better performance because it takes into account the use of the device.  It is not just a web which adapts to a mobile. Within a native app, the users’ experience is totally different. It relates to how the app interacts with the device. From a native app, the user has a different way to access the devices’ resources. If anything determines the success of e-commerce, it’s the user’s experience and the evolution of its demands.

Create, try and display mobile applications with Kikapp.

“In 2020 the number of people who will have at least one mobile will be greater than the ones who will have electricity, drinking water and cars”, as per Cisco company.


of web sites are built using PHP


of apps are built by independent app developers


of online traffic now originates from mobile devices

Why Kikapp?


There is no need to learn new languages, like Java or Objective C to create native apps.


Based on a simple and powerful language like PHP


You will use a Framework that offers a wiki with lots of documentation, examples, and tutorials.

Fully Native

Build native iOS and Android apps with the same PHP code.

KikApp - Android & iOS Apps built with PHP


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