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Why KikApp is beta version?

We believe it is essential that developers start using KikApp, we know that you'll find some bugs in this release, but stay calm, we have a support team that will attend your queries and give quick response to any system failure or bug.

Surely, you'll come up new functionalities that we can't even imagine. That's why we want you from the start , to launch a new version that takes into account real needs and how PHP developers work and all you need to develop mobile native apps.

Also, we want to know your experience and expectations to reach new KikApp versions that improve existing features and add new ones.

What can you do today with KikApp?

With this version you can generate fully native Android & iOS apps with lots of features, such as:

  • Access to devices hardware, call, sms, pictures and more.
  • Interact with APIs like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Create client-server apps.
  • Use different navigation types and custom UI.

And all this with the same PHP code!

KikApp - Mobile Android & iOS Development